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Man crushed to death in front of tourists; “tried to hypnotize elephant”

He tried to impress tourists that were present but got crushed to death by the elephant. The authorities of the Yala National Park, located in Sri Lanka, reported through a statement, that a 41-year-old man, died trying to prove himself, that he was able to hypnotize an elephant and do what he asked.

The tragic event happened when a group of tourists gathered in the area of the pachyderms. And the man to impress them, began to give the show that would kill him. Everything was captured by one of the passers-by, who did not hesitate to record everything with his cell phone. In the images you can see the exact moment when the protagonist slowly approaches the elephant and begins to raise his hands to get his attention.

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Suspecting that it was a threat, the animal, whose weight is more than six tons, threw the man and began to crush him. “It was a terrible thing, we all saw it, including the children”, “we never thought that a tragedy would happen. We thought that his hypnosis was a joke and that he would soon return” and “it was evident that he was wrong.” “I did not know what he was doing,” according to some of the witnesses to the local media.

In the same way, other people confessed that the victim was intoxicated by some substance. The authorities informed that every person is prohibited from descending from the vehicle during the tour in the park, to avoid this type of accidents.

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So far, the identity of the victim has not been revealed and similarly it is unknown if the body was already delivered to their relatives.

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