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Man died in a flat for eight years without anyone noticing

For eight years, a German man was lying dead in his apartment before he was discovered. Next to his dead body lay his dog, who had died of hunger. The man’s car was parked in the parking lot all this time. His bills were, by direct debit, neatly paid on time.

Firefighters made the sinister discovery last week in Senden, near the city of Münster. Due to a cellar fire, some 70 residents had to be evacuated from an apartment building. They discovered the skeleton of the deceased man on the ground. Next to him his dog, presumably starving to death. In his apartment, a window would have been open. His mailbox was overcrowded.

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Research and an autopsy revealed that Heinz H., a retired baker, was already killed at the turn of the year 2011-2012. Almost eight years ago. He was 59 years old then.

Strange smell

However, a neighbor suspected that something was not right. Years ago, she had noticed a strange odor in the building. Angelika Havener then informed the managers of the building and later even the police. They arrived on the spot, but another neighbor would have said that he had seen the man a while before, after which the officers left without entering his apartment.

Flat tires

The dead man’s car had been in the parking lot all the time. That too would have been reported to the authorities several times. The tires were flat, and the vehicle was completely green. But nothing happened with that information either.

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“Great neighbor”

The neighbor also tried to reach the son of the deceased man. But it didn’t work. Apparently the father and son no longer had contact with each other. “He didn’t deserve to die like that,” say other residents. “He was a great neighbor.”

The police are now investigating how it is that with all the information that indicated that the man may have died, nothing has happened.

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