Man shows manhood to 10 young women “to deal with divorce”

A thirty-something from Kortrijk risks a year’s delay because he waited 10 times for young women on the street and then abuses one-self before their eyes or showed his manhood.

“I had just gotten a divorce and had a particularly difficult time,” D. tried to defend himself. “But it was wrong. I also let myself be guided continuously so that this can no longer happen.”

In the period from August 2017 to February 2018, D. scared a dozen young women, even a few minors. The man always worked in the same way. He searched for potential victims who were alone on the road at night, on foot or by bike.

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He first followed them for a while, then caught up with them and stopped a little further. The moment the victims passed by his car, he got out, put down his pants, and showed his manhood. In some cases, he also abuses one-self in front of the eyes of his victims.


The mother of one of the women who received the unenviable honor of crossing D.’s path took a photo of his car with her smartphone. Faced with that one fact, the man spontaneously admitted that he had made a total of a dozen mistakes.

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“My client had a particularly difficult time because of his divorce,” his lawyer explained. “We must nuance the facts. D. is not a sexual predator, quite the contrary. He now has a new relationship with great prospects. He will no longer commit such facts and has been guided, on his own initiative, for some time to prove that. A verdict on April 24.


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