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Man stabbed in a mosque in London

In the center of London, a man was stabbed in the Central Mosque in Regents Park. The incident occurred just during the late afternoon prayer. The perpetrator was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, reports the London police.

The victim suffered several injuries and was taken to a hospital after the first aid intervention. The police are waiting for more news about his condition. According to Sky News, his life would not be in danger.

Man stabbed in a mosque in London

The victim is said to be in charge of the mosque, one of the largest in the UK, that can receive up to 5,000 believers.

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At the time of the incident, around 300 people would have been present. According to British media, the victim is the muezzin who calls for prayer.

Witnesses say the suspect spoke, “with a London accent.”

The Central Mosque in Regents Park in London.
©AP – The Central Mosque in Regents Park in London.

Skynews, Reuters


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