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Men ‘always be unfaithful’ – Actress Lawal Moyo advises ladies

Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal is convinced that men will always be unfaithful to whatever a woman does to please them. Encouraging ladies to marry men that make them feel happy. Moyo stated this on her social media page.

According to Moyo Lawal, no sexual position can prevent a man from being unfaithful; she sounds the warning message to other ladies. The actress added that women should seek to marry the men who make them feel happy.

Men ‘always be unfaithful’ - Actress Lawal Moyo advises ladies
Moyo Lawal

“Whether you are made of gold… it will always fool you and with a person who has never crossed your mind,” she says. But she insisted that anyway may voice out his or her opinion or criticize her, by adding that “you are free to say that my self-esteem is low”.

She continues that “I understand, but know that he will always be unfaithful.” Advising other ladies: “My dear sisters, just seek to marry a man who makes you happy or you will kill yourself because of another woman.”

Men ‘always be unfaithful’ - Actress Lawal Moyo advises ladies


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