The arrests are multiplying in the ranks of “Jerada Hirak”: five young leaders were arrested on Saturday and Sunday, March 11 at the largest demonstration since the beginning of this movement last December.

These are also the first arrests in the context of these protests, in this former mining town of the Oriental region, in the east of the country.

A general strike was observed this Monday, March 12.

The citizens now want to expand their movement outside the city.

A general strike was observed this Monday, March 12, and the new committee of the movement is now composed mainly of women.

Fatima Kalii, member of the committee and new spokesperson, explained the police violence during the arrests.

“We were gathered to prepare a regional event that we decided to do.

“We wanted to act elsewhere than Jerada. We were in the city center preparing for the action when the police raid took place on Saturday.

“They were in civilian clothes and beat up and chased the citizens together. They sought to arrest our brother Mustapha Dainane. He was arrested in a Hollywood way.

“The police used their weapons to threaten us and beat those who were peacefully opposed. Mustapha Dainane is a very dynamic activist.

“The car accident charge is fake. This is not a way to stop someone who has hit a tree.

“The same evening, we were surprised by the arrest of Amine Mkallech, while the police promised to release Mustapha.

“Our movement will remain peaceful. The strike observed today was 100% followed,” she said.


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