Music to Be Murdered: Eminem speaks against gunfire

About two years after he released the album ‘Kamikaze’ unexpectedly, Eminem (47) is back with a new surprise album: ‘Music to Be Murdered By’. On the record and in the first single ‘Darkness’, he speaks out against weapons of violence.

It seems that Eminem does like a surprise. His latest album, “Music to Be Murdered By,” was released into the world unexpectedly, just like his previous one, “Kamikaze”.

The rapper got the inspiration for the title and the cover photo from the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, who himself released an album of the same name. Eminem also used a sample from the collection on his new album. The rapper also chose some other famous voices. Q-Tip, Ed Sheeran, Young MA, Anderson, Paak and Juice WRLD, who died in December, can be heard.

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Music to Be Murdered: Eminem speaks against gunfire
Aftermath Entertainment – Eminem

In terms of message, Eminem expresses himself explicitly against armed violence. On ‘Unaccommodating’ he talks about the 2017 terrorist attack in Manchester, in which 22 people died in an Ariana Grande concert. “Bombs away”, it sounds, among other things.

In the video clip of his new single “Darkness” of album ‘Music to Be Murdered By’, he shows a shooting at a concert, followed by footage from the 2017 Las Vegas shooting. At the end of the video, he invites people to vote for the gun law: “Make your voice heard and help change the gun laws in America,” it reads.

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