My spiritual husband is ruining my life, need help

I have a problem and I need some serious help. I live with a man currently. His business prospered very well before we met.

He was really successful in his business. But as soon as I started going out with him, all his belongings collapsed. He cannot even have 3 meals a day.

The problem right now is that I went to four places and I was told that I am the cause of his problems. They say that I have a spiritual husband and he is very possessive.

According to what they told me, the spirit did not affect my ex-friends because they did not love me so my spiritual husband did not feel threatened.

It’s been 8 months since all these things were revealed to us, but my boyfriend still does not want to let me down. He says we will find a solution together. With all these revelations, he treats me well. He is the best man I have ever met. He has nothing left, but he is doing everything possible so that I do not miss anything.

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The problem is that the last marabout we went to see advised me to let him go for his own life. But my friend refuses to leave. I do not know what to do.

Should I leave him so that he can become the man he was before our meeting? I love him and I do not want him to go away, but I do not want to ruin his life too.

What to do? Help me please!!!

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