Naomi Campbell showed the door in French hotel: “Because of my skin color”

Naomi Campbell (49) has told Paris Match magazine how she and a friend were recently denied access to a party in a French hotel. According to the supermodel, the refusal had to do with her skin color.

“I was recently in a city in the south of France,” says Naomi Campbell in Paris Match. “I was invited to an event at a hotel whose name I will not mention. They wouldn’t let me and my friend in because of my skin color.”

To her surprise, other guests were allowed in at the party. “The man at the door pretended that the room was full, but still he let others in. It’s for these kinds of disgusting moments that I keep speaking out and making sure I’m heard.”

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The supermodel, therefore, hopes that attitudes towards ethnic minorities will change. “The word ‘diversity’ is everywhere today, but when I started, it didn’t exist. I always wanted people to be treated equally.”

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