Nigeria: after revelations about Chibok, a journalist in the hands of DSS

A reporter for The Independent newspaper has been illegally detained for five days.

Tony Ezimakor is reportedly being questioned for an investigation he has conducted in which he reveals how the Nigerian authorities orchestrated the negotiation with Boko Haram and the payment of a ransom for the release of 82 girls from Chibok.

A detention publicly declared by Abdulwaheed Odusile, president of the Union of Nigerian Journalists (NUJ).

He was arrested by the National Intelligence Agency (DSS).

Tony Ezimakor is the head of the “The Daily Independent” office in Abuja.

He was asked to answer questions from the services. What he did last Wednesday, and since then he is in detention.

So far, no one has officially informed us of the offense he allegedly committed that would run counter to Nigerian law.

According to his employer, he would be targeted for an article on high school girls in Chibok that Tony wrote and that was published by his daily.

He would have been asked either to reveal his sources of information, which he of course refused to do as a journalist, or while the newspaper removed this story from his publications. What the newspaper also refused to do.

According to Nigerian law, if someone is not brought to justice after 48 hours of interrogation, his detention becomes illegal.

It is for this reason that we ask the authorities and the agency for information to release him or if necessary to bring him to justice.

According to Abdulwaheed Odusile: “No one officially informed us about the offense he allegedly committed”


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