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Nigeria: she pours acid on her spouse

On the night of Sunday, 18th February, 2018, a woman of Nigerian nationality, poured acid on her husband’s penis, causing the death of the victim, report several Nigerian media.

When jealousy is high, it will make you commit the irreparable!

Lady MN, in her forties, confessed before the police that her husband would have slept with her best friend, because of jealous, and to punish him for this unfaithfulness, she had to use this product.

While he was naked and asleep in their room, she took advantage of this situation to perform her act, she says during the interrogation.

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According to the police report, all this seemed to be a carefully thought out plan by the woman who had been silent about her husband’s knowledge of her husband’s illicit affair with her best friend. In fact, the day of her lump, she had welcomed her husband with a delicious meal.

He was rushed to a federal medical center and died on Tuesday, February 20, 2018, as a result of these burns.

Currently awaiting judgment, Lady MN apologizes and claims to love her deceased spouse.

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“I love my husband, I did not intend to kill him, it was so painful for me that he could put my best friend pregnant. I know I did wrong, but I want his family, our children and the government to forgive me, I never planned to kill him,” she said during the investigation.

Anger is bad counselor? and jealousy is a bad thing? Lady MN will have to live with the memory of her act that caused the death of her husband all her life.

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