Bare legs on the metro in the winter? Welcome to the No Pants Subway Ride. For the eighteenth time the pleasantly disturbed event was already organized, and that in dozens of cities. Participants pretend traveling without pants is the most normal thing in the world, resulting in astonishing looks.

The separate tradition began in 2001: seven guys from a New York comedy group pretended they did not know each other and took the subway in their underwear. Since then, more and more jokys have been jumping on the train: it is estimated that nowadays at least 9,000 people in 25 countries put their best foot forward.

In London sisters Tessa and Matilda Deterding were present. “We had read about it and thought it was a hilarious idea,” said the first. “It’s a fun affair, we put a smile on everyone’s face.”

“You have to pay attention to which underpants you attract,” Matilda adds. “Of course, I chose an opaque one. It is not the intention to steal the show too much.”

The organizers called for omitting strings and other spicy material. “There is no specific goal attached, we just want to have a good time”, Farhan Rasheed, chair-organizer.

Even in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Munich, Prague, Los Angeles and San Francisco, for example, unsuspecting passers-by were treated to a dash.


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