2 days ago

    8 canceled concerts: what’s going on with Madonna?

    Madonna has canceled a concert during her current tour for the eighth time. She did that 2.5 hours before she…
    6 days ago

    Music to Be Murdered: Eminem speaks against gunfire

    About two years after he released the album ‘Kamikaze’ unexpectedly, Eminem (47) is back with a new surprise album: ‘Music…
    1 week ago

    Italian shows Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, and Brigitte Macron as victims of domestic violence

    The Italian AleXsandro Palombo once again speaks out with photographs of the world’s most famous women, whom he portrays as…
    1 week ago

    Karina Irby shows how her body completely changes in 5 hours

    Australian bikini model Karina Irby has once again made a strong impression with her more than 1 million Instagram fans.…
    1 week ago

    Kate vs. Meghan: They were treated so differently by the British media

    Meghan Markle has had enough. The ‘bullying’ behavior of the British was one of the main factors that made her…



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