Top Five

    World Dream Day: These apps help you dream better

    During our lifetime, we dream for approximately six years, which is the equivalent of about two hours per night.

    Top 5 people their body magnet everything (Human Magnet)

    People with supernatural powers to perform incredible feats have often appeared in comics and films. But some people make us…

    Top 5 cases of blasphemy that lead to beheading in Nigeria

    In Northern Nigeria, blasphemy is mainly related to the Islamic religion because Muslims are the predominant religions there

    Top 5 amazing and powerful ancient empire in Africa

    Not familiar to most people, hundreds of small kingdoms have emerged throughout African history, and some have eventually become powerful…

    These Nigerian celebrities who own dazzling homes

    In Africa, especially Nigeria, one way to show great wealth is to have a big house that leaves many in…

    5 conspiracy theories about sponsors of Boko Haram in Nigeria

    Boko Haram has been wreaking havoc in Nigeria for many years. Still, there are several conspiracy theories about the sponsors…
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