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Parents of Magdalene (11) were arrested by Trump: “Please release them!”

The American president Trump stands firm. Whoever is illegal in their country must leave. The ICE immigration service catches a lot of wind after arresting 680 migrants at work in the state of Mississippi on Wednesday. Their children were at school unsuspectingly at the time. And in the evening they waited in vain to be picked up.

The first school day of Magdalena Gomez Gregorio and hundreds of other migrant children ended in tears. These young children, some still toddlers, had to be taken care of by neighbors or strangers because their parents were arrested by the immigration service during the day.

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Magdalena’s father, like 680 other immigrants, was arrested during raids at seven food companies in the state of Mississippi. It was one of the largest actions in the state ever. The Immigration and Customs Service deployed 600 agents and a year of preparation preceded it.

The fact that the government left the children to fend for themselves while their parents were arrested puts bad blood on them. In the meantime, around 300 of the 680 migrants arrested have been released. They still have to appear before a judge. For children whose parents are still in custody, daycare is sought in schools.



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