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PK5 traders storming armed groups in Bangui

In Central Africa Republic, clashes between a group of PK5 market traders. And elements of an armed group Monday and Tuesday killed one person and injured three others. These traders want to free themselves from the gangs they accuse of taking them hostage for years.

Mahamat Tahir alias APO, a leader of one of the most influential armed groups in the sector, was shot dead on Sunday by a shopkeeper who was prevented from opening his shop.

Traders who have organized well have launched consecutive assaults against the bases of the various armed groups including that of Djamouss Nimery Matar alias Force.

The interposition of the peacekeepers, according to some sources, favoured the lull. The population of the sector was caught in the grip of men in arms. Activities remained paralyzed in the commercial centre of the capital Bangui.

Some schools close to PK5 remained closed because of the violence.



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