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“Please God let my husband be so broke…” A lady prays

The only way she thinks of not to be cheated in marriage is to ask God to make her “husband to be so broke”. What a weird prayer request one would wonder! A Nigerian lady sent a strange request to God, but the comment amused the netizens on social media.

She made this of what some assumed to be “funny request” to God on Facebook. In a post shared by the famous Nigerian expert in love affairs, Joro Olomofin. The young lady of 20s overwhelmed the social users with the bizarre prayer request.

Nowadays, where infidelity is almost a fad, it is often thought that men out of cash, find it difficult to commit infidelity because it is clear that a great deal of money is needed to support a woman outside.

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As a result, the lady whose identity has not been revealed by Joro believes that if her husband is broke, he will not think of going from one woman to another because most men cheat because they have money.

On her own idea, she writes that “God, please, let my husband be so broke that he has no money to cheat” on her. She believes that her man will not cheat on her when he becomes broke, rather that will make him to “love and cherish” her. The game never stops there. The astonishing lady added that “let me be the head of the family in terms of money”.

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She understands that when her man is broke, “side chick won’t accept him”. The lady never stops but extend her prayer request to “all the ladies reading this in the name of Jesus Amen.”


The fugitive lady thought that the solution to infidelity on men’s side is because of money. She, therefore, insisted that “this is the only solution”. Once God “takes away man’s money” he will be a loyal husband.”

How will a lady thinks that broke husband brings happiness to the family?

Please God let my husband be so broke... A lady prays



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