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Roberto parks his expensive Lamborghini… at a disabled place

Normally, Roberto Firmino gets all pages with a nice goal or a great assist, but this time the Brazilian has had a different way of speaking. A lot more negative… Roberto has a fine of 1.150 euros waiting for him. A piece of cake, if you know that he catches the sum of 207,000 euros every week.

The 27-year-old striker, this season in 35 confrontations already good for 11 goals and 5 assists at Liverpool, this week with teammates Alisson Becker and Alberto Moreno a bite to eat at the Festival Food and Drink Grill in Liverpool.

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Firmino parked his bright yellow Lamborghini Urus (which costs about 290,000 euros) carelessly at the door, after which he walked into the Brazilian restaurant with the smartphone in hand and flanked by his wife Larissa Pereira.

Roberto parks his expensive Lamborghini... at a disabled place

Only he had lost sight of it. He left his expensive sports car at a disabled place, which is also prohibited in the United Kingdom. There is a maximum fine of around 1.150 euros waiting for him. A piece of cake, if you know that he catches some 207,000 euros every week.

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