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Sabotaged Canadian cable car: thirty cabins crash down

In western Canada, thirty cabins from a cable car crashed down yesterday. The cable car was not in use at that time and there were no casualties, police report. It is probably sabotaging.

“We think that the cable has been cut and that it is an act of vandalism,” police said to the press. As a result of cutting the cable, some thirty cabins came from the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, British Columbia, down, that happened in the early morning when the installation wasn’t open to the public and still.

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The cable car is a major tourist attraction in the region and can carry up to 240 people at the same time. The cabins offer spectacular views of the Bay of Howe Sound.

The person in charge of the cable car had previously stated that the carrier cable had just been serviced and that it was in very good condition. The authorities have asked hikers and campers in the region to report if “they have seen something”.



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