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Switzerland: Police recommend shoes for dogs


Zurich police have urged dog owners to buy booties for canines, that it will protect the paws of their dogs during high temperatures, according to public radio SRF.

The “Hot Dog” campaign is being launched by the Zurich police force to make dog owners aware of how to protect their four-legged friends during the heatwave that is overheating the roads.

Switzerland, like many European countries, has had one of the warmest summers since 1864, with temperatures approaching 30°C in July.

According to Zurich police spokesman Michael Walker, 30 degrees can seem to be 50 to 55 degrees on the ground and can cause particular discomfort to dogs.

“When a dog walks on hot asphalt, he can burn his feet, like a man walking barefoot,” he told the SRF.

Police in the city of Zurich even advised the owners to check the temperature of the ground before going for a walk with their dog.

She also suggested to pet owners not to leave them in hot cars and to make sure they have enough drinking water.

This campaign, which features photos of some service dogs wearing protective footwear, has sparked a wave of sympathy and appreciation on social media.

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