Couple convicted of starving daughter: girl (3) only got dry crackers and water

A couple from Engis in the province of Liege has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for starving his…

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Schilmiller promised $9m to a teenager who killed her best friend for him

Cynthia Hoffman (19) was killed at Thunderbird falls in Alaska on June 2. Six suspects are on trial for the…

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French analysts deeply out of touch with Najila Trindade

In France, statements from two well-known radio voices have caused a stir. Journalist Daniel Riolo and former footballer Jerome Rothen,…

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“I hate him”: mother beats 57-year-old François with belt

The fact that mother’s love is unconditional does not seem to apply to 57-year-old François from Liege. Because even though…

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Mother forces her 11-month-old baby to smoke cigarettes [Video]

The video posted on social networks provokes outrage. A mother forced her 11-month-old baby to smoke because she thought he…

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In Cameroon, 72-year-old man marries 19-year-old girl

The marriage of 72-year-old Henri Onana and 19-year-old Sylvie, that recently took place in Obala, Cameroon, continues to generate ugly…

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International pedophile network dismantled on dark web

The international police organization ‘Interpol’ has dismantled an international pedophile network on the dark web. As part of the operation,…

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Saudi ties Filipino housemaid to tree as punishment

A Filipino housekeeper is tied to a tree in the Saudi capital Riyadh as a punishment. The reason? Lovely Ascosta…

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