2019 CAF Awards: Here is the complete list of finalists

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has published the list of 10 finalists of the 2019 CAF award for the…

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China’s plan to conquer Latin America, Africa and the consequences

The Asian giant subjects impoverished countries, mainly of Africa and Latin America, to force loans and promises of investments. Cheap…

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Facebook dismantles Russian misinformation operation in Africa

A major Facebook misinformation campaign targeting eight African countries has been initiated from Russia, the social network says.

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World Poverty Day: Is Poverty Really Reducing?

In less than a generation, more than 1.1 billion people have been “lifted out of poverty,” according to the World…

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Yasuke: the incredible story of the mysterious African samurai

Almost 500 years ago, a very tall man, Yasuke, from Africa arrived in Japan. He became the first foreign-born man…

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Africa is currently burning harder than the Amazon forest

Ten thousand fires are currently raging in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo alone. In comparison with the approximately…

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Liberia demands restitution of African artifacts stolen by Westerners [Video]

The government of Liberia has announced its determination to continue to press for the return of all stolen artifacts in…

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Reagan described Africans at the UN as “monkeys”

Former US President Ronald Reagan described African delegates to the UN as “monkeys” in 1971, when he was governor of…

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