Man feigns his own abduction to escape from lost bet

A sixty-year-old man from the American state of New York went very far last week to avoid having to spend…

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Ultimate revenge against bad management: the whole team gets on

Since a few restaurants from the American fast food chain Sonic in Ohio were taken over, it is apparently square.…

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#frozenpants: Americans allow jeans freeze up in the snow

The polar vortex – which mainly immerses the east and the Midwest of the United States in ice-cold temperatures –…

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Mass mortality after US colonization may have caused climate change

Because of the colonization of the American continent, so many people died that the climate of the earth was disturbed…

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“Putin laughs in his fist for Brexitchaos and American shutdown”

On both sides of the Atlantic, two centuries-old democracies – which the former Soviet Union still ‘battled’ together during the…

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Viral video of 51-year-old American punches black teen girl in face

A 51-year-old man from the American state of North Carolina was arrested on Saturday after he hit a teenage girl…

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Myopic hunter sees neighbour for deer and shoots her dead

A hunter was sentenced to three years in prison by a court in the American state of New York, because…

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Bird Box Challenge: Blindfolded while driving, predictable result

After Netflix, the police of the American state of Utah are now also warning about the ‘Bird Box Challenge’. A…

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