Missing Polish farmer probably eaten by his own pigs

His pigs most likely ate an elderly Polish farmer who had been missing for some time. Of the seventies, only…

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Catchy drawing of giant koala: honors billions of animals died during forest fires

Australian artist has made an impressive drawing of a koala in the sand. With this catchy image, the artist wants…

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After 200 million years: one of the world’s largest fish officially extinct

One of the largest freshwater fish species in the world is officially extinct. It is the Chinese spoon Sturgeon, who…

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Oldest black rhino in the world died in Tanzania

Fausta, with her 57 years, the oldest known black rhino in the world, has died. This is reported by the…

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Man rescues helpless deer from a frozen lake in Canada

In Canada, video footage of a man saving three deer, hopelessly stranded in the middle of a frozen lake has…

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More mountain gorillas in Congo and Uganda: “save endangered species”

Despite the violent conflicts and the activities of poachers in the area, the number of mountain gorillas in Congo and…

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Aggressive kangaroo terrorizes Australian town

An aggressive, enormously strong male kangaroo is currently terrorizing the Australian town of Leyburn. According to residents, this is a…

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Cute puppy with ‘tail’ on forehead finds a warm home

The cute puppy with the so-called ‘tail’ on his forehead has found a warm home. “It was the only way…

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