Discovered a new kind of flying dinosaur that looks like a dragon

A new species of pterosaurs, a prehistoric flying dinosaur, has been found in the Australian outback. The discovery suggests that…

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Man loses hands and legs by dog saliva, scientists find genetic cause

The hands and legs of 48-year-old American Greg Manteufel had to be removed last year after he got a life-threatening…

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Dog was buried alive and was horribly maimed, today she is alive again

A severely mistreated dog found near-death rather than alive on a beach in Hawaii in July has miraculously recovered. The…

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The US deployed bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan horribly abused

The US bomb-sniffing dogs that are deployed to foreign governments to help fight terrorism there, often go through hell on…

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Video shows how sheep “do the impossible” on vertical rock face walk up and down

An American biologist has shared images on Twitter of a herd of blue sheep descending an almost perpendicular rock face…

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Funniest side of animals: with which nominee do you laugh the loudest?

On 13 November, for the fifth year in a row, a prize will be awarded to the funniest animal photograph.…

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Doctor recommends 14 days leave for employee due to his sick dog

A Belgian Dutch employer almost choked on his coffee when he saw a doctor’s note saying ‘14 days absent due…

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Striking image: mama koala protects her baby against the onset of forest fires

Fires have ravaged the outback of Queensland for several days. Houses go up in flames and wildlife is not spared…

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