Mexican ambassador resigns after being caught in shoplifting

The Mexican ambassador to Argentina, who was caught shoplifting a book in a shop in Buenos Aires in October, has…

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Woman pretends pregnancy and smuggles 4.5 kg of cannabis

Drug smugglers are and remain extremely inventive in their attempts to get narcotics at their destination, although that does not…

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Shivering images show how woman falls on the upcoming metro

Security cameras in the metro of the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires filmed on Tuesday the terrible moment that a woman…

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Man parks wrongly after which his car is enclosed by shopping trolleys

Before you park your car in the wrong place, just because it’s easier, you better think twice. A customer of…

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“Survived on water and grass”: boy (5) loses mommy and roams in wilderness

A big miracle. That’s how you can call the discovery of 5-year-old Benjamín Sanchez. The boy went missing last Sunday…

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No abortion: 11-year-old raped girl gives birth to a baby

In Argentina, an 11-year-old girl gave birth after being raped. She had to, because the government refused an abortion, despite…

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Terrible: 4 months pregnant after 4 months of staying with grandpa

Grandpa (65) was left with 11-years-old granddaughter under his care for 4 months, but the story turned out to be…

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Emiliano Sala’s Airplane found

The aircraft of the Argentinian striker Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson was found. The Argentine footballer’s family would have…

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