Fear of coronavirus: Australia place returnees on an island

Australia launches an operation to evacuate its nationals stranded in Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak. They will be quarantined on…

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Catchy drawing of giant koala: honors billions of animals died during forest fires

Australian artist has made an impressive drawing of a koala in the sand. With this catchy image, the artist wants…

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Parents take internet modem for a vacation than “thankless children”

The Australian parents Cassie and Chris Langan took their internet modem instead of their ‘thankless’ children; they say “their most…

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Instagram madness drives ‘Disney Village’ to crazy: ‘Please stay away’

For anyone who wants to visit the picturesque mountain village of Hallstatt again, please don’t do it. At least that…

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Front pages of Australian newspapers are blacked out in protest

Australian newspapers today are jointly expressing their protest against the increasing restrictions on the freedom of the press. The front…

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Husband cuts private part of a man abusing his wife

A 27-year-old Australian has cut off the private part of his wife’s assailant in Ukraine. The man was on his…

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Aussie wins 30 million and quickly leaves office: “From now on fishing and golfing”

“Would you continue to work if you won the lotto?” It’s one of those questions that’s already been thrown into…

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Civil servant fired after urinating in communal kettle

An Australian civil servant was fired after discovering that he was urinating in a kettle in a communal kitchen in…

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