Laurent Simons: 9-year-old boy, youngest graduate in the world

Can you imagine finishing university at the age of nine? This is precisely what Laurent Simons, a Belgian, does to…

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Manageress fryer throws glowing hot frying oil at robbers

Two robbers of a chip shop in the Walloon city of Ath did not experience their best day. The plan…

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Doctor recommends 14 days leave for employee due to his sick dog

A Belgian Dutch employer almost choked on his coffee when he saw a doctor’s note saying ‘14 days absent due…

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Couple return from their wedding, their home full of shredded paper

For Kimberly (34) and Jonas De Mits (33) from Waarschoot (Lievegem), the best day of their lives ended in tears.…

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Shoplifter turns out to be an internationally wanted bank robber

Whoever thinks that bank robbers, after their actions, take the first plane to a bounty island, is wrong. Some people…

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Drug dealer calls police for burglary but forgets that he has 3.5 kg of coke

The 34-year-old Vahid-Jafar M. has killed himself. He called the police because he thought he saw suspicious figures in his…

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Dog locked up on tiny terrace during stormy weather all night

In Belgium, the fire brigade this morning freed a dog that had been locked up on a tiny terrace since…

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Delfine Persoon leaves the arena in tears after dubious defeat

Delfine Persoon can be proud – she fought for what she was worth. Only the jury did not reward her…

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