Who has the largest? World Mustaches and Beards World Championships

Belgium has won the Mustache and Beards World Cup for the first time in history through the national club: Antwerp…

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Magnet fisherman proudly comes home with ‘water bottle’ but appears to be bomb

Bremt Vanerem (18) from Ezemaal, Belgium, on Thursday evening fished-up ‘water bottle’ with a magnet. But when it turned out…

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Marc (66) angry with De Lijn for using his photo… they resemble

Marc Van Ooteghem (66) from Knokke has a friend. A special one, because he and Eric Landuyt (67) from Meulebeke…

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Man shows manhood to 10 young women “to deal with divorce”

A thirty-something from Kortrijk risks a year’s delay because he waited 10 times for young women on the street and…

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Demetrie (35), who murdered his wife for infidelity found dead in a cell

Demetrie H. (35), the man suspected of the murder of his wife Nancy M. (33), was found dead in his…

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Bizarre: Yentl (23) sees her own foal for sale for 1,000 euros

The Bruges Yentl Vanlaer (23) could not believe her eyes when she suddenly saw her own foal on sale at…

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Drunken thief dives into empty pool during flight attempt in Uccle

A drunken thief tumbled into an empty pool in Uccle during his flight attempt. The man and his two companions…

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Belgium accepts Ivorian former president Laurent Gbagbo

Belgium has accepted to receive the former Ivorian president Laurent Gbagbo. The International Criminal Court (ICC) released Gbagbo on Friday…

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