An imam who married a man arrested in Uganda

A Ugandan imam, Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, who married a man dressed as a woman was arrested and charged.

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“Get me out of here”: couple on kiss cam are doing very well

A New Year’s kiss that lingers for a while, a couple of Knicks fans took care of that during the…

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Historian tasted ancient urine instead of 150-year-old ‘port’

An expert thought to taste a 150-year-old port or wine, turns out, to have drunk a sip of very old…

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JoeyStarr wants to show hotel room but shows more than expected

It was an uncomfortable weekend for Didier Morville, known as JoeyStarr. He wanted to show the view of his hotel…

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Friday the thirteenth: 13 things you didn’t know yet

Friday the thirteenth, accident day number one, has arrived. Here are thirteen facts that you did not know about this…

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Unseen recycling: home of 6,000 discarded bottles

A Brazilian mother lifts recycling to a higher level. Ivone Martins from the metropolis of São Paulo has built her…

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Carp with ‘human face’ spotted in Chinese lake

A very special carp was spotted yesterday near the Chinese city of Kunming in southern China. The head of the…

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Indian man of age 42 dies after eating 42 eggs

A man from India who tried to eat 50 eggs in an attempt to win a bet with his friend…

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