Brazilian president against journalist: “You have a terrible face of a gay man”

The extreme right-wing Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro was outraged on journalists who questioned him about his son Flavio, who is…

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Brazilian disguises himself as his mother to take driving test

Maria (60) admitted three times to her practical driving test. To correct that setback, her son Heitor Schiave (43) dress…

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Unseen recycling: home of 6,000 discarded bottles

A Brazilian mother lifts recycling to a higher level. Ivone Martins from the metropolis of São Paulo has built her…

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G7 will release emergency aid for firefighting aircraft in Amazon

The G7 will release $20 million in emergency aid for the Amazon forest. The services of French President Emmanuel Macron…

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Fuss for ‘animal market’ adopted children on the catwalk

In Brazil, a commotion has arisen about an event in a shopping center, where children and young adults between the…

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Birthday with dramatic end: 6 tourists are killed by CO poisoning

Six Brazilian tourists were found dead in an apartment in the Chilean capital Santiago. Perhaps the four adults and two…

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Remarkable story of Layla Anna-Lee and Player of FC Barcelona

The English sports presenter Layla Anna-Lee has a remarkable story shared that dates back to the World Cup of 2014.…

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Identical twin brothers both have to pay alimony for the girl (9)

Two Brazilian men, who together form identical twins, will both be responsible for the maintenance of a nine-year-old girl after…

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