“Is this the most dangerous chicken in Britain?”

There is a hard blow this morning to opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn in the British newspapers. He refused to support…

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US, Great Britain, and France possibly guilty of war crimes

The United States, Great Britain, and France could be complicit in war crimes in Yemen. After all, the Western countries…

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Bethany wants to cook eggs in microwave: “I followed instructions on the internet, now I risk permanent damage to my eye”

The eye of a British young lady was badly damaged after a stupid accident in the kitchen. Bethany Rosser wanted…

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Britons are said to have hoarded £4bn for fear of no-deal Brexit

The British are said to have accumulated reserves of 4 billion pounds in food, drink, and medicines, fearing the consequences…

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“That’s not naughty, but rude”: Britons spread over the tongue of Princess Charlotte

It was big news that Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, held out her…

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Laurence Vonderdell (50) robs a bank with banana

Laurence Vonderdell (50) British citizen who robbed a bank in the coastal town of Bournemouth with a banana as a…

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Singing war veteran of 89 wins ‘Britains Got Talent’: “I can die happily now”

Colin Thackery, a war veteran of 89, has won ‘Britains Got Talent’. With a performance of the song ‘Love Changes…

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Helen Rudd: “I awoke from a deep coma and spoke French fluently”

“I still don’t know why I spoke French at the time. Never had I felt the need to visit France.”…

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