Better late than never: Prince Philip finally says sorry for autocrash

Better late than never, you should think. The British Prince Philip (97) finally apologized for the car accident he caused…

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Thieves steal Banksy’s work on Bataclan

A work that British artist Banksy had made on an emergency door of the Parisian Bataclan concert hall was stolen…

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British agent become internet star with a wonderfully ironic name

"And the police name of the year goes to ..."

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Britons laugh a break with auto crash of Prince Philip

The British Prince Philip is the talk of the day on social media. The 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth stepped…

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“Putin laughs in his fist for Brexitchaos and American shutdown”

On both sides of the Atlantic, two centuries-old democracies – which the former Soviet Union still ‘battled’ together during the…

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Exodus continues: female bodyguard Meghan Markle also resigns

Once again, someone from the personal court of Meghan Markle resigned. That reports the newspaper The Sunday Times. It is…

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Millionaire with 3 sons discovers he has been infertile all his life

A British millionaire has thought for years that he had fathered three sons. Until Richard Mason (55) was told in…

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Barely some days after Christmas, Easter eggs are in the racks

Does your Christmas tree still sparkle at home? Chances are, since it has not even been New Year. Some British…

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