Cameroon players refuse to take a plane to Africa Cup: “For every tournament, there is a problem”

Chaos in Cameroon. The national selection refused to take the plane to the Africa Cup in Egypt. The players feel…

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Nearly 90 dead in an attack by Boko Haram in Cameroon

Nearly 90 people were killed in a massive attack by Boko Haram in Cameroon. That’s what the Cameroonian Minister of…

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In Cameroon, 72-year-old man marries 19-year-old girl

The marriage of 72-year-old Henri Onana and 19-year-old Sylvie, that recently took place in Obala, Cameroon, continues to generate ugly…

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Africa Cup of Nations 2019: marabout predicts the two finalists

A Senegalese marabout has predicted the two finalists of the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations 2019. The famous marabout named…

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Nearly 200 students kidnapped in Cameroon

On Saturday morning, nearly 200 students were kidnapped at Saint Augustin Kumbo Middle School, located about 80 kilometers from Bamenda…

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Eight charges weigh on Maurice Kamto opposition leader

Eight charges weigh on the leader of the Cameroonian opposition, arrested on Monday evening of 28th January, following the marches…

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In Cameroon, “no live ammunition was fired” against the opposition

The Cameroonian government has denied the use of live ammunition to repress protesters from the MRC, the party of opponent…

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China cancels Cameroon debt of 41.5 billion CFA francs

China has cancelled Cameroon’s debt of US $78 million (about CFAF 41.5 billion), as part of a series of measures…

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