Why as a passenger you shouldn’t place your feet on the dashboard

If the airbag goes off when you, as a co-driver, rest your feet on the dashboard, the consequences can be…

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Subaru ‘Fucks’: these car brands went wrong with model names

Car manufacturers are sometimes very creative in coming up with names for their models. Recently Subaru caused a commotion with…

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Many car brands disappear due to electric driving

Many car brands will disappear within a short period of time because the builders will not be able to pay…

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Myth or reality: Do the tires of electric cars wear out more?

There are many myths about electric cars. For example, more CO2 would be emitted during their construction, and their tires…

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China wants a quarter of new cars electrically by 2025

By 2025, a quarter of the cars sold in China must be electrically powered, according to a note from the…

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One of these 7 cars will be the car of the year 2020

The organization behind the annual Car of the Year election, generally regarded as the most important prize to be won…

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Women are 73% more likely to be seriously injured in an accident

Women are 73 percent more likely to be seriously injured in car accidents. This is probably partly due to the…

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This car is literally dazzling and was therefore taken off the road

The police in Dusseldorf, Germany, took a shiny gold-colored car off the road yesterday. According to the police, the car…

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