Music to Be Murdered: Eminem speaks against gunfire

About two years after he released the album ‘Kamikaze’ unexpectedly, Eminem (47) is back with a new surprise album: ‘Music…

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Karina Irby shows how her body completely changes in 5 hours

Australian bikini model Karina Irby has once again made a strong impression with her more than 1 million Instagram fans.…

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Selena Gomez was ‘much happier’ without social media

It’s done Selena Gomez well to take a two-year break from social media. The 27-year-old singer felt a lot happier…

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What to Know about Chief Imo comedy

What do we know about Chief Imo comedy? Or everything you would like to know about this fantastic comedian from…

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Fans worried about Adele: “Very skinny now”

For years Adele was one of the few stars that represented women with a fuller figure, but that is no…

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JoeyStarr wants to show hotel room but shows more than expected

It was an uncomfortable weekend for Didier Morville, known as JoeyStarr. He wanted to show the view of his hotel…

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These Hollywood stars refuse to share the screen again

They shot a film together, but it all ended so badly that they became enemies. They greet each other, they…

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‘Game of Thrones’ actor dies on Christmas Eve

‘Game of Thrones’ actor Andrew Dunbar died unexpectedly in his Belfast home on Christmas Eve. The thirties was the ‘body…

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