African tribes that practice lip plate [Photos]

In Africa, the tradition of modification of lips known as lip plate is being practiced by the women of Mursi…

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Chad closes border with Libya

The border between Chad and Libya will remain closed until further notice, Security Minister Mahamat Abba Ali Salah said on…

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Macron regrets that US withdraws from Syria: “ally should be reliable”

Emmanuel Macron questions the reliability of the United States as an ally in the coalition in Syria. President Donald Trump…

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Chad, Nigeria and others call for support against Boko Haram

The leaders of Chad, Nigeria, Niger and the Central African Republic gathered in the Chadian capital, N’Djamena, to discuss the…

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Israel and Chad renew diplomatic relations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel “soon” to Chad. He will go there to proclaim the resumption of diplomatic…

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Chadian president Idriss Deby visiting Israel after 47 years

The Chadian president arrived in Israel on Sunday for the first visit of a Chadian head of state to the…

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2018: Top 2 poorest presidents in Africa

Have you ever wondered who is the poorest president in Africa, well if you do, we have your back with…

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Chad: Minister refuses to swear an oath on the Bible

Rosine Amane Djibergui, Minister of Civil Aviation, Transport and National Meteorology refused to swear an oath swearing on the Bible…

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