50 Cent rents toy store for 7-year-old son: “take whatever you want”

Sire Jackson, the 7-year-old son of 50 Cent received a special Christmas gift. The rapper rented a branch of Toys…

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Working women live longer than stay-at-home mothers

If you’re wondering why you’re fighting that annoying alarm clock every morning: women who go to work seem to live…

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“Mexican clergyman abused at least 60 children”

The Mexican clergyman Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legion of Christ, has abused at least sixty minors during his lifetime.

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“Without immediate action, climate change will affect health of entire generation”

Climate change already has major consequences for the health of children around the world and threatens the well-being of an…

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Madagascar: Large-scale child labor in the extraction of mica

Minerals that are used in countless products are widely mined by children in Madagascar. They work under miserable conditions and…

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Boy (13) hides 6 children in scrub and walks more than 20 km to get help after his family is butchered before his eyes

A thirteen-year-old boy who remained unharmed in a ruthless attack on his family in Mexico is praised for his heroism.…

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Rodrigo: A baby born without a face in Portugal

In Portugal, a baby, Rodrigo, is born without a nose, without eyes and with a missing part of the skull.…

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Sue Radford! The most fertile family in Great Britain

Baby number 22! The most fertile family in Great Britain adds another. However, Sue Radford (44) and her husband Noel…

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