China wants a quarter of new cars electrically by 2025

By 2025, a quarter of the cars sold in China must be electrically powered, according to a note from the…

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Two new cases of pneumonia cause panic in China

The Chinese government is calling on the population to protect themselves against possible contamination by the plague. Yesterday there was…

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Carp with ‘human face’ spotted in Chinese lake

A very special carp was spotted yesterday near the Chinese city of Kunming in southern China. The head of the…

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China’s plan to conquer Latin America, Africa and the consequences

The Asian giant subjects impoverished countries, mainly of Africa and Latin America, to force loans and promises of investments. Cheap…

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China shows privately developed reusable space rocket Hyperbola-2

The Chinese private space developer i-Space has, following the American SpaceX of Teslabaas Elon Musk, presented a reusable rocket. A…

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Search for extraterrestrial life: China shows first photo of Mars explorer to pave way

China has distributed the very first photo of his Martian explorer. It will be launched towards the red planet in…

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China rejects Trump’s criticism during UN speech

The Chinese Government has rejected the statements made by US President Donald Trump, who, at the UN General Assembly, called…

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Chinese journalists have to take exams on the ideas of President Xi Jinping

Thousands of journalists from some fifteen Chinese state media will soon have to take an exam to gauge their knowledge…

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