Colombian ‘clean sleeper’ sleeps for up to two months: mother begs for help

Colombian Sharik Tovar has been diagnosed with the rare Kleine-Levin or “clean sleeper” syndrome. Once she is in the land…

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Columbia asks for international help in fighting forest fires

Colombian President Ivan Duque is asking the international community for additional resources to safeguard the Amazon. Duque’s call comes while…

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Colombian smuggles half a kilo of cocaine… under a wig

A drug smuggler returned to Barcelona airport from a bald journey after being pounded with half a kilo of cocaine.…

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Woman stuck with her head after she wants to peek at the neighbors

A curious Colombian woman spent hours with her head stuck between the bars of a gate after she tried to…

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Husband organized a party to expose infidelity of his wife

In Colombia, husband organized a party to expose the secret affair between his wife and his best friend. The husband’s…

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Ex-FARC commander out of heavy criticism of the Colombian peace process

A former leader of the former Colombian resistance movement FARC has, in a rare public appearance, strongly criticized the peace…

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Femicide of Johanna Morales shocks Colombia: “tortured her to death”

Lady Johanna Morales (25) had disappeared two days before being found dead at the Cauca River bank. Johanna Morales had…

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Already 1 million Venezuelans fled to neighboring Colombia

Colombia has already welcomed more than 1 million refugees from neighbouring Venezuela in 2018. This is shown by figures that…

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