Couple shamelessly having fun at ATM center [Video]

The users of social networks do not forgive anything, and this time they showed a couple having privacy in the…

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Clumsy pre-wedding photos that everyone is talking about

As day goes by, the unthinkable will emerge. What message would this pre-wedding photo convey to others? Many thinks that…

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Koppel welcomes 21st child and reveals how busy day looks like

A British couple has received his 21st child this month. Susan Radford (43) gave birth in 12 minutes to daughter…

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Couples who talk in ‘we-form’ are happier

There are those people who seem to merge into one person when they have a loved one. “We love Stranger…

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have had a couple tattoo set

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner make each other’s sentences. At least, if we can believe their brand-new tattoos. The fiancé…

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Study: Couples that argue, last longer

A recent study has shown that couples who are constructively fighting over their differences, instead of avoiding them, are better…

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