These were the most popular emojis among online daters

Dating in 2019 was exhausting. Rules do not exist, and a new trend is being invented every day. Although research…

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Scientifically proven: why you’re attracted to those who play hard to get

Are we all masochists? Why is it that we always feel more attracted to a partner who plays hard to…

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Cockfishing and 15 other dating terms that you may not know yet

In addition to cat and cockfishing, there are also many other (less) well-known dating terms. We are happy to list…

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Facebook launches dating app

Facebook plunges into the dating market. The company has created a platform for love that is available from today in…

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Tinder hides LGBTQ + users in unsafe countries

Tinder will protect LGBTQ+ users better if they travel to countries where different attitudes are still illegal. “It is important…

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Can you disable your feelings for someone?

There is a good chance that you were once attracted to someone with whom you did not stand a chance.…

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MTV launches first sexually fluid dating show

MTV writes history in the world dating shows. The participants of ‘Are You The One?’ all identify themselves as ‘sexual…

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“Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are already separated”

The stormy romance between Pete Davidson (25) and Kate Beckinsale (45) seems to have ended again. According to one source,…

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