Beach at Fukushima open eight years after disaster

Eight years after the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, a new beach was opened for the first time…

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Gang charge $0.28 to back commuters across flooded road

“I go help you, but you go pay N100 ($0.28 ed.) for crossing you,” says a member of the gang…

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Million people evacuated for the passing of cyclone Fani in India

More than a million people have been evacuated from the coastal areas of the Indian eastern state of Odisha for…

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hurricane Kenneth sows death and loss in Mozambique

At least 38 dead counted after passing through Kenneth, thousands of homes destroyed

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First scientific warning on climate warming dates back to 1896

Already in 1896, a scientist warned about the possible consequences of carbon dioxide emissions, the Nobel committee tweeted. In a…

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Hurricane Idai: Death rises above 770, aids fear disease outbreaks

The death toll after the devastating passage of cyclone Idai has risen to 775. Most of the victims, 460, fell…

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More than a thousand deaths from cyclone Idai in Mozambique

The number of deaths after the passage of cyclone Idai in Mozambique can amount to more than 1,000. President Filipe…

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Cheering: A painting that boy (11) makes of forest fires in Nelson goes viral

When eleven-year-old Leon made the above painting, he could not have imagined that it would be admired by people all…

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