Donald Trump

Trump impeachment trial: what to know about Senate trial

For the third time only in history, an American president is faced with an impeachment trial. Such a lawsuit could,…

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Trump threatened on twitter by a Frenchman posing as Buhari

A member of the hacker group nicknamed FC Hagra managed to hack into the official Twitter account of a Nigerian…

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Trump on wind energy: “You want to see a bird graveyard? Go under a windmill”

American president Donald Trump has again emphasized that according to him, windmills are of no use. In a speech at…

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Republican: “Jesus was treated more honestly than Trump during crucifixion”

Jesus was treated more reasonably just before his crucifixion than what is now happening with President Donald Trump said Republican…

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The US House approves the impeachment process against Trump

The American House of Representatives has approved the first step towards impeaching Donald Trump in a tumultuous mood. The indictment…

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“Chill, Greta”: Trump criticizes Thunberg as the person of the year

US President Donald Trump has responded to the choice of Time magazine to declare Greta Thunberg “Person of the Year.”…

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Trump finds Trudeau “hypocritical” and cancels press conference after other leaders laugh at him

During a reception in Buckingham Palace on the occasion of the NATO summit, some world leaders such as Trudeau, Macron,…

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Democratic presidential candidate buys domain name from Trumps slogan

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer has given Donald Trump a cookie of his own. He purchased domain name of Trump’s…

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