Economic growth of G20 is declining

Economic growth in the G20, the group of the world’s most important economies, is weakening. This was reported by the…

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Gambian government move hard into economic recovery

The Gambia is putting its public finances in order. The goal of this initiative is to reduce a combined public…

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Reasons for the failure of black peoples of Africa

There are many people who think that Africa is not materially poor, but rather emotionally and morally. These are truths…

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Here are the 10 most indebted countries of Africa in 2018

The World Bank unveiled on Monday, May 28, its ranking of the most indebted African countries in 2018. In this…

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Angola passes law to become economically attractive again

The Angolan Parliament unanimously adopted a bill to encourage the arrival of foreign investors, in order to revive the economy.…

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Top 10 best African countries to live in 2018

Many people in Africa are looking to live in abroad because they believe life will be better off their, especially…

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