‘Trick or treat’: how Halloween as a Celtic feast underwent a fascinating metamorphosis

Halloween – the day for All Saints’ Day – is more popular than ever in some regions, but it nevertheless…

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Criminals earn millions a year with counterfeit expensive olive oil

An international gang with their members in Germany and Italy has managed to make millions of euros in profit with…

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These 5 elections in 2019 will receive all the attention in the world

On 26 May the European Parliament elections will take place and we will all have to vote. But also, in…

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Spectacular fireball illuminates sky above different European countries

Webcams have captured a beautiful natural phenomenon. A gigantic fireball caused a flash of light that was visible from different…

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2 out of 3 European children are positive about migrants

68 percent of children and adolescents are hospitable and curious about people of other nationalities living in their country. This…

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Italy, Spain or Greece to get new cannabis plantations

The Canadian Canopy Growth, one of the largest growers of medicinal cannabis in the world, is going to invest heavily…

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This is the most dangerous city in Europe, according to a US survey

Marseille won the prize of a ranking unflattering since it is the list of the most dangerous European cities written…

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Find the differences: a road in Uganda laid out by China or by Europe

Both China and the European Union are investing billions in Africa on the hunt for more influence on the continent…

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