Violence in Ethiopia: Haile Gebreselassie wants to sue Facebook

Ethiopian track and field legend Haile Gebreselassie wants to sue social media giant Facebook for playing an essential role in…

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Facebook dismantles Russian misinformation operation in Africa

A major Facebook misinformation campaign targeting eight African countries has been initiated from Russia, the social network says.

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Facebook launches dating app

Facebook plunges into the dating market. The company has created a platform for love that is available from today in…

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Facebook drags click fraudsters to court

Facebook is starting a lawsuit against two app builders. The app developers infected smartphones from unsuspecting people with malicious programs.…

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VISA, PayPal Uber, participate in Facebook coin: “breakthrough of crypto currency”

Through leaked information in the American press, the outlines of the currency that Facebook is proposing next week are gradually…

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“Facebook is considering paying users for viewing ads”

Facebook is considering creating a payment system based on its own cryptocurrency, where users can earn money by viewing advertisements.…

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Angela Merkel closes her Facebook page [Video]

German chancellor Angela Merkel says goodbye to Facebook. “You know that I am no longer a chairman of the CDU.…

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New virus on Messenger: “Beware of receiving video”

Messenger users: pay attention. Another virus is circulating on the Facebook messaging service, in the form of a video. When…

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