Despite all scandals: Facebook continues to grow considerably

Facebook continues to grow substantially, despite the privacy scandals with which the social media company has to deal. According to…

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Apple gets a spying app off the air and puts Facebook work flat

There seems to be a small war going on between Apple and Facebook. Apple earlier today announced to withdraw the…

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“Facebook pays young people $20 per month for installing ‘spy app'”

For $20 per month, the technology giant Facebook, which has recently been discredited, is secretly trying to clear Facebook user…

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Russia threatens to block Facebook and Twitter

Russia threatens to block Twitter and Facebook across the country. The social networking sites are obliged to store data about…

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Facebook CEO Zuckerberg reacts to New York Times accusations

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the accusation. That Facebook has actively tried to discredit critics of the…

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US midterms election: Facebook blocks suspicious accounts

The social networking site Facebook has blocked 30 Facebook accounts and 85 Instagram accounts, possibly linked to “coordinated suspicious behaviour”.…

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Doctor: “why I visit Facebook profile of my dead patients”

An American doctor who works at the emergency department always looks at the Facebook profile of his deceased patients before…

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2018: Facebook earned over 250 million dollars in political advertising

Facebook has earned 250 million dollars in revenue from political ads in the United States in the last six months.…

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