Fake News

Tanzanian journalist arrested for ‘fake news’

Joseph Gandye, who works for Watetezi TV, a station created last year by the Tanzanian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders…

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False Online Comment & Real Fine Of… $12.8 Million!

The providers and customary false comments on the chain are warned: the FTC went on the offensive!

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viral ‘Deepfake’ creation of Donald Trump and… Bean

A deepfake video that is currently going viral combines the face of British TV legend. Bean with the body and…

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Fake story of woman without womb, gives birth to quadruplets after 14 years

As reported on a Zambian Accurate Information Facebook page, a woman without womb and had been described as being infertile…

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WhatsApp restricts forwarding messages to prevent fake news

Users of WhatsApp can send messages less frequently. An app message can be forwarded to a maximum of five people…

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Incestuous relations between fake news and advertising

The fake news generates a lot of traffic and therefore income, an organized business very juicy! This is the new…

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Combating fake reviews: common sense rather than law

The fake-news are regularly in the limelight, including “thanks” to Donald Trump who made the buzzword 2017 and the bill…

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