Film with homophile Jesus reaps massive protest

A film on Netflix in which Jesus is portrayed as gay has ensured that no fewer than two million viewers…

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Netflix releases date of ‘La Casa de Papel’ season 4

Fans of La Casa de Papel have to wait a few months for the 4th season of the popular Netflix…

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Prison Break season 6, what to know

Will there be a sequel to ‘Prison Break’ after all these years? If we can believe the mysterious Facebook page…

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New HBO series explores ‘Game of Thrones’ universe

After it became known that HBO had scrapped a pre-game of ‘Game of Thrones’, including Naomi Watts, another series entitled…

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Director Martin Scorsese lashes out at Marvel films: “That is not cinema”

Martin Scorsese (76) has more than earned his spurs as a director with films such as ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Gangs of…

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Fans dream aloud of new “Harry Potter” film after a cryptic tweet by JK Rowling

A new tweet from ‘Harry Potter’ writer JK Rowling has allowed fans to speculate wildly about a new film from…

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2018 Indian thriller ‘Pihu’ goes viral: “Every parent’s worst nightmare”

The Indian film ‘Pihu’, which can be watched via Netflix in many countries, suddenly goes viral. Through the social media,…

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Fans outraged: is Disney going too far with reboot ‘Home Alone’?

On Tuesday, Disney boss Bob Iger announced that the company will make a reboot of the Christmas film ‘Home Alone’.…

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